Welcome to SANNO Partners LLC

We are a consulting firm specialized in corporate finance fields. We advise corporations with regard to the challenges they face in financial management and financing in the context of growth strategies and provide best solutions. Solutions include M&A(Merger and acquisition), IPO(Initial Public Offering “stock listing”) and TAM(Turnaround Management “Corporate rehabilitation”) and we offer these solutions through our unique expertise in structuring and a strong alliance with a group of specialists from various fields. With a global point of view and established knowledge, I utilize structure of the money market of the world mark to the maximum and support a customer company strategically.

PIPEs (Private Investment in Public Equity finance) method is one of the core duties we offer as a basic service in our M&A advisory services. This is an domain where we have established reputation and received endorsement from our business partners and a customer company and investors give a high evaluation to me. We create the profit of the side to hand over, the profit of the side to buy and profit of investors. We build profit of the all concerned.

In terms of IPO assistance business, we are moving ahead with listing on the Tokyo Pro Market, in particular, which is the 5th market under the Japan Exchange Group, through partnership with securities firms engaged in actual IPO practices. The Tokyo Pro Market is a market that draws a lot of attention from not only market players but also corporations seeking for merits such as smooth business succession and long-term shareholders. We expect to see more demand emerge for this market from both corporations and investors.

We also keeps partnership with some of the leading financial institutions outside Japan. We assist clients with speedy implementation when they need to do business overseas. We also handle RTM “Reverse merger (RTO “Reverse takeover”) that is not allowed in Japan but allowed in some overseas countries.

With a wide range of information sources available to us, we do repackaging of business plans and ideas of corporations and create new financial products so that we can offer investors new money-making opportunities.

You can also count on “SANNO Partners LLC” even for transactions which many lawyers and accountants “consulting firm” would not want to touch. We will concentrate all knowledge of ours and our partners and come up with a viable solution to help clients achieve their goal.

SANNO Partners LLC is committed to expanding new frontiers in the new era of direct financing as well as to contributing to global market activities.

代表社員 星 康文

Representative Partner Yasufumi Hoshi